Thursday, 16 September 2010


I've spent half an hour wrapping Mr G's presents. He works in interiors and is always brilliant at making an effort with these things so I've reciprocated this year. I've actually been out and bought coordinating gift bags, paper and boxes rather than scrabbling around for stuff I can recycle without him realising. I embarrass him when we are given things in gorgeous wrapping - if it's salvagable I will store it and use it again. I get the habit from my Dad. Last xmas our gifts from him were in the wrapping paper we had used the year before with the old creases showing.....I promise I'm not
that bad. For me it's less about being frugal, and more about not being able to chuck out lovely things. My heart sinks when I buy something which gets put in a lovely thick paper bag with ribbons, because I know I'm going to have to save it!

However, frugality is super-cool at the moment, so finally my Dad is fashionable. He's a war child, so I get it, but it drives MR G mad. We were offered a battered old suitcase with rusty locks the other day, and he still uses the same tea towels we had when I was growing up. It may be the same dish cloth too come to think of it...

Obviously we hang onto things for the sake of memories too. We hear a lot about clearing clutter from our lives, but there are some things I really regret getting rid of. Sometimes I don't even remember throwing them, I just get a sad hollow feeling when I remember they are no longer with me (I'm thinking specifically about a 50's style dress I wore everywhere in my early twenties - so many memories - where did it go?)

Tell me about things you've chucked out and regretted (or are you a secret hoarder?)


  1. Well, only the odd boyfriend! (can't hoard those thank God!)

  2. HAHAHAHA! I am EXACTLY the same with those gift bags!

  3. My mother is an embarrassing hoarder and as much as I hate it I have to say I too have trouble throwing things away! So I admit it I am a secret Hoarder! eeek.

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    Keep up the good work and pass on my blog address as I will yours.

    Take care
    Kate Collings
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  4. If everyone threw out all the shit we don't need, there would not be enough land fill space to hold it all or enough psychiatrists to help us all deal with our losses.